Design Rules

Whilst the estate is a ‘built estate’ (no new construction), the objective of the design guidelines is to encourage individual creativity while fostering a unity of materials and finishes to ensure that the overall development harmonises to create a balanced life style for all residents.

Should any construction and improvements be conducted to the property, it should be done in such a way so as to reduce inconvenience to neighbours as well as unsightliness.  To this effect, construction should proceed without lengthy interruptions and should be handled in such a way that it must be aesthetically acceptable to the Home Owners Association.

The design of any construction and improvements to the dwelling unit and the entire stand should show a sensitivity to the existing natural features, flora and topography.  Permission to be drafted before existing trees are removed and all existing trees are to be shown on the site plan.  Surrounding structures must be taken into account in the design process.

Elevational treatment of all buildings must conform to good architecture so as not to interfere with or detract from the general appearance of the neighbourhood.