Aims and Objectives of the HOA include:

  • To maintain the highest possible level of security within the budget constraints imposed by continually maintaining and reviewing the current procedures, processes and systems in place within the ESTATE for the greater benefit of all the residents
  • To enforce architectural controls for the ESTATE to ensure that all buildings and other structures erected within the ESTATE comply with the aforesaid controls and maintained accordingly
  • To promote, advance and protect the interest of members generally and to co-operate with the local authority, provincial government and all other appropriate authorities for the benefit of the Association and its members.
  • To represent the interest of members and to provide a united voice by which such interests may be expressed.
  • To collect levies and other contributions towards funds of the Association for the attainment of the objectives of the Association or any one of them.
  • To maintain the private internal road and other common areas within the ESTATE, which the Association may own or may otherwise be responsible for, and to make and enforce regulations governing the use thereof by the Members.
  • To regulate (pets) the right to keep animals, reptiles and birds within the ESTATE.
  • To regulate the conduct of any person within the ESTATE and to prevent any nuisance of any nature to any member.
  • To impose fines and other penalties upon members disobeying the Articles of Association or the Rules made in terms thereof.


HOA Board Members

Chairman and Finance: Retha Kriek
Aesthetics & Design Guidelines: Albert Munz
Special Projects: Ulrich Driemeyer
Maintenance: Rulph Brink
Security: Kalahari Bierman
Social: Riaan Smith
Communication: Hentie van Rensburg
Technology: Terence Jordan