Homeowners Company (NPC)

The Main Objective of the company as per our MOI:

  • To promote, advance and to protect the collective interests of its Members within the Meadows Security Estate
  • To manage and administer the collective interests of Members by regulating acceptable standards and conduct rules within the Estate with regards to:
    • The Safety and security of its members and their guests and invitees and their property including but not limited to the controlled access to and egress from the Estate; and
    • The Architectural Design and aesthetic appearance of improvements to immovable property including landscaping.
    • To Administer and enforce the estate rules from time to time made in terms hereof;
    • To insure the Company against public liability;
    • If necessary, to enter into service agreements with the Local Authority and any other authority or supplier of services.
    • Ensure compliance with applicable municipal by-laws and including any water restrictions imposed on the HOA by the Local Authority from time to time; and
    • To do anything reasonably necessary to achieve the main objectives of the Company.

Board Members

Yulandi van Dyk
Chairperson & Finance | Director
Carl Van Den Berg
Deputy Chairperson & Maintenance | Director
Coen Marais
Security | Director
Amanda Gxogxa
Legal and Policy | Director
Daniel Prinsloo
IT | Director
Hendri Keulder
Architectural and Aesthetics | Director
Linda van Eeden
Communications and Social | Director