Security Estate

The Meadows Residential estate is a security estate that is a family friendly area where speed limits are set at a maximum of 30km/h.

Access to the Estate is gained via an ‘access control’ system where a visitor, delivery vehicles or pedestrians gain access to the estate by contacting the home owner via an ‘intercom system’ with access/exit codes being provided by the integrated security system.

Visitors or deliveries made to the estate by means of a vehicle, must ensure that the driver has a valid driver’s license and that the vehicle has a valid license disc. Without both of these, access will unfortunately be denied.

All domestic services as provided by e.g. a ‘gardener’ or even a ‘domestic servant’, must arrange pre clearance where a biometric system coupled to a valid ID document will gain the respective employee access to the estate.

The Meadows utilises state of the art Integrated electronic security solutions such as biometric access control systems, CCTV and thermal cameras to compliment further solutions such as the electrified perimeter fence, cycle and foot patrols and an on-site control room. The control room operators monitor the estate 24 hours of the day the perimeter and access points to enable them to immediately dispatch skilled armed response units that are part of the Security Service provider suite of services.